Flooring Choices for Interior Spaces

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When renovating or remodeling a home, deciding on the right flooring option is one of the main decisions.  Many times homeowner and interior designer are working with a floor layout which is very open, calling for the same flooring option to be used throughout most of the home. I have seen homes where tile was used in the kitchen and hardwood in the rest of the home, however to me this always has a feeling of “patchwork art” and does not create a flow  from one area to the next.

The most popular flooring options  our hardwoods, tile, laminate, carpet, vinyl, and cork. Hardwoods look very nice and have a great resale value for your home. They are  easy to clean and most of the time on the recliner vacuuming. One of the drawback is that it might need refinishing occasionally in  high traffic areas and standing water can also ruin hardwoods.

Tile can get costly due to installation, tile can crack and grout might stain. However it is very durable, easy to clean and will stand the test of time. It can also get heated in certain areas of the home like the kitchen or bathrooms.

Laminate  is not easily scratched, it can look like real wood or tile, and it is easy to clean. A disadvantage is that standing water will ruin laminate flooring and it can not get refinished like real wood.

Carpet cost depends greatly on the quality. It does give a soft look to a room, it is quiet to walk on it and prevents echoing throughout a home. It is quick and simple to install however it will get stained easily and it may contain hidden dirt.  It’s also not a good choice for home owners with allergies or pets.

Vinyl  can cost less and it is quiet and easy on your feet. Although there have been many new innovative vinyl options, it still does not look as good as the real thing.  It also tears easily and you can be a challenge to clean.

Cork is a fun alternative for some areas in the house – it is warm and soft and “self healing” to some degree when it gets damaged due to the fact that it expands.  It is a natural material, so it is environmentally friendly it is resistant to  mold and it is safe for family and pets.

So finding the righ flooring for your remodeling  project or new construction comes down to practicality, how your family lives, how maintenance free you desire your flooring to be, what designer look you are going for and what kind of investment you plan on making with your flooring.