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All of our designs, from bathroom, remodels to kitchen remodels, great room designs or master bedroom designs, every room and every look we create is customized to our clients needs and desires. This includes, but is not limited to, coloration, space planning, overall design theme, furniture choices, rug selections, lighting options, etc. The goal is to create a harmonious interior environment for our clients, but also to create a stunning look. Many times this can be created with custom furniture, which one cannot just find sitting on the showroom floor. It is the kind of piece of furniture that is customized to our color scheme, to special room design and one can tell immediately by looking at it, that some more thought and planning went into creating this special designer’s look. Lorts furniture is perfect for this application and it always amazes me how different the same piece of furniture can look with a different color scheme, distress level of even two colors on one piece of furniture. There are also lots of different fabric options for upholstery pieces, headboards, built in units as well as custom built furniture pieces with Lorts. This is just one company that offers many design options, we carry a few other lines that allow us the same level of customization.