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I started working on this design project approximately 2 months ago and it is quite the house! I love doing design work on new construction, because I am working on the “bones” of the house. During this part of the process we are laying the foundation for the general feel and style of the house. Selection of flooring, trim, wall and ceiling colors, lighting selections AND making design decisions on all custom cabinets for kitchen, bathrooms and other areas in the house that might need custom cabinets and built-in units are decisions that you do not want to make mistakes on! It would be costly and nerve wrecking to have to come back and change some elements, just because they don’t work together now that they are in place and installed. It is also important to create a pleasing flow from room to room – at a later point in the design process furnishings and custom draperies will enhance and greatly contribute to this part.

Currently (on this project) the homeowner and I have finished making decisions on all the cabinets for the kitchen, master bathroom, basement kitchen as well as upstairs bathrooms. This week our focus was on wall, ceiling and trim colors, selection of trims for crown molding, base molding and arches, making decision on door styles, built in units and various questions from the builder that required answers to move forward with the construction process.

Next we will be making design decisions on exterior paint and window frame color, intetior decorative lighting, floor stains, tile and countertop selections.