Fox Den, Knoxville Dining Room Custom Draperies and Fabric Wallpaper

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This dining room design and custom draperies were part of an entire home remodel in Fox Den Subdivision here in Knoxville. The fun part was to go shopping for fabrics with my client in Atlanta in order to find the perfect fabric. This was not the easiest thing to do since we wanted to hit the right shade of red and a white background that didn’t turn cream or yellow on us. Also I wanted to find matching fabric wallpaper which needed to be installed by a professional we trust since it was not the cheapest wallpaper option – but the prettiest 🙂 The custom window treatments are nonfunctional, however, they are on a beautiful black wrought iron rod which matches the rest of our drapery hardware in the entire house. The only thing original to this room was my client’s dining room furniture as well as her custom rug everything else was added as far as the chandelier from curry and company the wainscoting and our new fabric color scheme. Contractor Brian Shugart and his crew with Landmark Real Estate Co. did a phenomenal job on this remodel and more pictures will be posted soon on my blog as well as on my website.