Tips for Placing Fine Furniture

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You could probably walk into nearly every home in the nation and find that the furniture could benefit from a bit of rearranging. We often get stuck in a pattern of putting things where they fit without considering how they’d look the best or even be more functional. Here are a few tips for placing fine furniture that can help you overcome the “standard” placement and think a bit more creatively.

Tips for Placing Fine Furniture

  1. Back Against the Wall. When someone’s back is against the wall, it means they are out of options. Here’s a tip – your fine furniture doesn’t like it either! It might seem like you have no choice in a smaller room, but it might surprise you how putting a bit of space between your furniture and the wall can actually make the room appear larger.
  2. Can People Converse? It won’t make conversation easy if all seating is arranged in such a way that they cannot see each other without craning their neck. It isn’t a nice arrangement if they have to shout across a large room either. Arrange your fine furniture to create conversation areas, perhaps even more than one if the room is large enough.
  3. Avoid Hazards. Nobody likes to stub their toe or trip over furniture, so be sure that traffic can flow through the room smoothly by leaving a couple of feet between furnishings.
  4. Balance is Good. It is said balance is good in all things. We don’t know about that, but it is certainly true when placing fine furniture. Don’t put all your large pieces on one side of the room and smaller ones on the other. It just won’t look right. Mix it up, not just in size, but also in shapes for a more interesting room.
  5. Lighting Counts. Consider the room’s function and then match the lighting accordingly, so you have task light where you need it, ambiance when you want it, and variety to keep it interesting.
  6. Size Matters. A few tips about size include getting a big coffee table for both function and aesthetics, using the right size area rug for the room and the fine furniture to rest on properly, and be sure any side tables are easy to access.

fine furniture to rest on properly

It is okay to still be a bit perplexed about the placement of fine furniture and even about selecting the right pieces for your Knoxville, Tennessee home. The good news is that at Wolfgang Interiors – Furniture, Draperies & Design, we can help you tie it all together, add some fine art, and create a focal point that makes any room look like it could appear in a magazine. You can easily have function and beauty when a plan comes together. Let us show you today!