3 Ways Custom Window Treatments Can Help You Finally Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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great options for custom window treatments Sleep is essential to us all, but many of us are not getting enough of it or enough quality hours. Whether you are stressed about job uncertainty, health concerns, family troubles or a little bit of everything, getting sleep is crucial to ensure a healthy immune system and proper cognitive function. If you are tired of chasing after an elusive dreamland, we here at Wolfgang Interiors- Furniture, Draperies & Design have a few ideas to help you have sweet dreams at night with custom window treatments. Here are a few for your consideration:

  1. Draperies with Blackout Lining- When you have draperies, they can be a great stylistic feature, and they can also be a great deal of help in your rest habits! Many studies have shown the importance of sleeping in a very dark, even pitch-black room. Blackout drapes help to ease you to sleep and stay asleep longer, providing more restorative hours.
  2. Blackout Shades or Blinds- Blackout shades and blinds are great options for custom window treatments. Not only will these types of custom window treatments work on large or odd-sized windows, but they are also still able to properly darken a room for restful and soothing sleep.
  3. Combination Custom Window Treatments- If you are looking for comfortable and easy sleep, there are many custom window treatments that can work together to ensure the darkest and most restful rooms. You might want to consider a combination of motorized blinds, draperies and shades for your bedroom.

Whether you have chronic insomnia or are only recently struggling with restful sleep, custom window treatments can be very helpful. Please give our team a call today to learn more about the blackout options available to help you rest easy.