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This time of the year I personally get the itch to freshen up my interiors, especially after putting away all the glorious Christmas decorations. Now spaces feel empty, somewhat missing color and pizzazz. This is the perfect time to Bring in a new lamp, a new floral arrangement, maybe a new rug, or just the occasional accent piece or artwork. The trend of grays, taupe colors, off whites, cream and other neutral colors in furniture and custom draperies has been going on for quite a few years now, and I am personally longing for a little bit more color in my designs and interior spaces. A lot of our customers are asking us “What is the trend in interior design? What is the trend and style with custom draperies and bedding? And to me this is an interesting and fascinating question, because yes, we have seen this trend of neutrals at market for many years, however we also see all of our vendors bringing back more color. Also my suggestion is to always just go with what is pleasing to you and your eye and your personal style, instead of going with a trend. But also our lifestyles change and sometimes this is reflected in more cleaner lines, cleaner designs, and more transitional styles. We invite you to come into our beautiful store, browse a bit, and we are happy to help you with your furniture selection, fabric selections, etc .We offer many of the same furniture lines that you can find with other vendors across town, but find out for yourself that the difference lies in our customer service and pricing which can not be beat!