Tips for Choosing Custom Window Treatments

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Even though there are a few standard window sizes, the reality is that they can still vary widely from one manufacturer to another. In addition, your home could have some windows in nonstandard sizes and shapes, which makes it challenging to find appropriate window treatments. Of course, custom window treatments are not just the solution for nonstandard windows. They are also perfect when you want something that is unique, has specialty features, or fits perfectly. Here are a few tips for choosing custom window treatments for your home.

custom window treatments are not just the solution for nonstandard windows
  • Consider the Ambiance- Your windows do not live in a vacuum. They live in a room. So, if you look at just the window, you could miss the ambiance of the room by a long shot. Identify how you want the room to feel – Rustic? Comfy? Formal? Bright? Warm? Then be sure your custom window treatments match that ambiance in style, color, and pattern.
  • Is the Window a Focal Point? Consider whether the window you are getting custom window treatments for is to be a focal point or if you’d rather it wasn’t featured in the room. If you have another focal point you want to define the room, such as a fireplace, you’ll want to tone down your window treatments.
  • Color Consultation- Take the time to consult with an interior designer to determine the color scheme that best fits the room and whether you want your custom window treatments to complement or contrast.
  • Consider the Fabrics- It isn’t just about color, pattern, and texture when choosing fabric for your custom window treatments. You should also consider the durability of the fabric, particularly if you want window coverings that will last for a long time. If you plan to redecorate often, this isn’t as much of a concern.
  • Features- A popular feature these days in custom window treatments is motorized options. These are quite helpful for windows that are difficult to reach or ones you’d want to adjust often. Another plus is that there aren’t any cords, so you get a cleaner aesthetic. Consider if you want ones that are operated with a remote or with an app to be programed or operated by voice.

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