Splendid Summer Fabrics Bring Your Fine Furniture to Life

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Neutrals have been the favorite in home design for many years, so at Wolfgang Interiors – Furniture, Drapers & Design, we’re excited that florals, bold colors, and other fun patterns are making a comeback. These are some of our favorite textiles for fine furniture this summer. Take a look and let us know if one of these strikes your interest!

  • Honshu Navy—Cover your walls in Honshu Navy or add an eye-catching statement piece in your home with this bold floral print. When it comes to florals, this print is truly timeless and one-of-a-kind.

Honshu Navy

  • Planetarium Pomegranate—Planetarium Pomegranate’s retro vibes will brighten up any space in your home and tastefully take you back in time.

Planetarium Pomegranate

  • Shane Froth—Simultaneously elegant and casual, Shane Froth is a good compromise for relaxed, refined living.

Shane Froth

  • Like It Citrine—Liven and lighten up darker spaces with Like It Citrine’s fun and groovy print.

Like It Citrine

  • Lucinda Cherry—Give your living space a degree of artistic flair with Lucinda Cherry’s cheery floral print.

Lucinda Cherry

  • Squid Flower Black & White—Intriguing and subtle, Squid Flower Black & White is an understated take on florals.

Squid Flower Black & White

  • Bloomsbury Aegan—Bloomsbury Aegean’s vibrant hues and bold lines make this print a customer favorite for calming spaces.

Bloomsbury Aegan

Make your fine furniture come to life this season with any of these vibrant summer textiles! We can seamlessly incorporate any of these prints into your design plans, and we would love to talk to you further to hear about your vision.