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[fusion_text]I am currently working on my personal kitchen remodel and design and it’s been quite an interesting journey! As an interior designer one might think that it’s a quick and easy process for me but its quite the opposite to make final decisions and to pull the trigger. But I am making progress have made the majority of cabinet selections and layouts, flooring, tile, lighting and furniture selections. I decided to pull up the current flooring and restore the original hardwood flooring. Twill also help for all the rooms to flow on both levels. I also designed the tile backsplash and some of the walls will have flooring to ceiling white subway tile. Accent tile will be above the cooktop in a very light and subtle blue color which will also be my ceiling color. Custom bar stools from Lords are also on order and vinyl rugs and vinyl runners will protect my hardwood flooring in areas where the bar stools will be and in front of the sink and cooktop. Custom window treatments and draperies will get fabricated and cover Hunter Douglas silhouettes with white sheer fabrics. What’s left? Well – countertop selection and this has been the hardest thing for this picky interior designer. I love the look of marble, but it’s not practical. So it’ll probably be granite, however I haven’t found the perfect match yet. Luckily I have no deadline with my own kitchen and I enjoy the slower process of making design decisions. More to come soon! image image image image[/fusion_text]