How to Plan Your Interior Design Project to Perfection

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A newly built or remodeled home is a blank canvas with endless interior design possibilities. While exciting, choosing the most suitable interior design aspects can often overwhelm you. Follow the tips below to ensure you plan your upcoming interior design project as smoothly as possible.

How to Plan Your Interior Design Project to Perfection

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Scope of Work. Will you be furnishing and decorating a new home or remodeling certain rooms? Make a list of the rooms and spaces you want designed along with your goals, budget, timeline and style preferences. This will help you determine if you need a full-service interior designer or can work with specialty professionals as required.
  • Gather Inspiration. Look through home design magazines, browse Pinterest and Instagram, and visit model homes or showrooms to identify colors, materials, and styles you like. Collect images, fabric swatches and paint chips to create a vision board. This will help better communicate your design aesthetic to your interior designer.
  • Set Clear Goals and Manage Your Expectations. Be realistic about what you can and cannot accomplish according to your budget and your home’s physical constraints. Factor plenty of wiggle room into your timeline to accommodate unforeseen delays. Understanding your goals will help you avoid potential frustrations down the line.
  • Hire a Professional. Finally, hiring a professional interior designer is highly advisable for most projects. Their expertise in spatial planning and sourcing furniture and finishes is invaluable in helping you actualize your interior design goals. An experienced designer understands how to translate your inspiration into a cohesive, livable space. They will also oversee the entire process, from concept to completion, saving you the hassle of managing the project.

At Wolfgang Interiors – Furniture, Draperies & Design, we have over 20 years of experience managing interior design projects for homes and businesses in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. If you’d like professional assistance on such a project, schedule a consultation with us today.