4 Steps to Ensure the Best in Wall Color Selection [infographic]

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When you move into a new space, you often want to make it your own. Choosing things like décor, design elements and the wall color can help you customize your space to your liking. Here at Wolfgang Interiors – Furniture, Draperies & Design, we want to help you optimize your wall color selection with some helpful tips. Here are a few steps to give you the perfect wall color selection every time:

  1. Choose your whites carefully. Most homes will have an element of white in them, whether on the ceiling or trim. Choose your white carefully, since there are often hundreds of shades of whites, each with different undertones.
  2. Look at the bottom of the paint sample. Not everyone feels comfortable choosing a dark, bold color, so they stick to the top of the paint sample strip. However, the bottom color will show you what undertones of the lighter colors will be. A gray wall color might have purple undertones that come out in large scale. If you like the bottom color, you’ll be able to enjoy the lighter tones as well.
  3. Select colors from objects. If you’re struggling to come up with a color scheme, choose a piece of fabric, a rug, a shirt, a tie or some other object with colors you enjoy. This can give you a starting point that will help you choose a wall color, accents and furniture pieces.
  4. Sample, sample, sample. When you are choosing wall colors, get a sample of your favorites and put them on several locations on your walls at home. The lighting at home will be very different from what it is in the store, so putting samples of paint in the environment can help cement your choices. 

4 Steps to Ensure the Best in Wall Color Selection
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