Juliska, Match, Vagabond House and Arte Italica dishes and Gifts

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This time of the year when everything is a little bit slower in retail because people are on vacation, this gives us time to go to the Atlanta Gift Market and to re-stock the store with beautiful new items from some of our favorite lines, including dishes from Juliska, Match, Vagabond House and Arte Italica. Four great lines that not only offer beautiful gifts for brides, anniversaries or a special occasion, but we also have many clients who are getting new dishes for themselves and updating their own “stock”. Juliska has done such a GREAT job with their berry and thread design which comes in a neutral white, light soft blue, light green and light brown and all the pieces can be mixed together for a designer look. They also offer clear plates which are a great way to bring in yet another color and texture. Other lines like Match and Arte Italica are more traditional and very european inspired. Many items have a combination of white porcelain and pewter which are simply stunning and very timeless. Vagabond House has some of the same looks, the main difference is that the items are not produced in Italy and a distinctive eye can see the difference in the pewter finish. However they are fun pieces which can get mixed in with the more expensive and hand crafted items from Europe. The most unique part of Arte Italica are their hand painted dishes, urns, vases and bowls. Juliska and Arte Italica also offer some beautiful seasonal Christmas dishes which seem to be gaining popularity every year.  I am from Austria origionally, but now, as a Knoxville based interior designer and decorator, it is fun to bring some of my own european heritage and flair into my design work,  by using some lines that are exclusively made overseas. I guess this is also why I enjoy making our own custom window treatments and draperies –   since this also has been a very old trade and profession in Europe. Last but not least, we also LOVE to gift wrap our presents, so please take advantage of this great service at our store in Turkey Creek!!

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