What to Know about Window Valances

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When you hear the term “valances,” your mind might go blank with confusion, or you might picture your grandmother’s outdated window above her kitchen sink. You’re surely not alone in this misunderstanding, but we are here to help you to see what valances can really do for your interior decorating. Here’s what you need to know about window valances.

 What to Know about Window Valances

Not Your Grandmother’s Curtains

The most important thing to know about valances is that we’re not talking about that tacky sort of half-curtain hanging over your grandmother’s kitchen window to add to the outdated appeal of her home. Valances have come a long way since then and can do so much more for your interior decorating.

What are They?

Valances are short pieces of fabric attached to a curtain rod and hung over the top of the window. Unlike curtains or draperies, they typically only cover the top portion of the window, making them perfect for windows, like kitchen windows, that are not accompanied by a lot of floor space. They can be of any color, design, or pattern and can easily add flair and style to the room.

Understand the Purpose

When they were first developed, valances were used to disguise window hardware and any blemishes in the top of the window. As you might have noticed in your grandmother’s kitchen window by the sink, valances were often hung by themselves to add a simple pop of color to the room.

With our updated understanding of valances, they’re now used to do more for your interior decoration than simply hiding the window hardware. When you place valances over draperies or curtains, you can add extra volume to your window coverings along with a pop of style, color, and flair for the room.

If you’d like to learn more about window valances and what they can do for your home, just give us a call.