Seasonal Decorating of Knoxville Homes and Businesses

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Yes the Holidays are around the corner and it’s time to decorate our homes – and businesses- for this festive season! The attached pictures are from one customer’s home as well as two trees from Jewelry TV Network. We love to design trees and holiday decorations around our customers interior design style as well as color scheme – and a great way to do this is with decorative ribbons. All the ribbons we use have strong wires in them in order to “drape” them properly. We usually go to the Christmas market in Atlanta every January right after the holidays in order to place our order for next year. We know that it’s hard to plan ahead so much in advance, but usually items get sold out and that makes it hard if we are targeting a certain look. We decorate many homes in the Knoxville area and usually book our clients a year in advance. We come in, decorate the home and come back after the holidays and store it back away at our customers home.