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Its “easy” for an interior designer to help and design somebody else’s house, living room, bathroom or kitchen. Making decisions on a style, color scheme, design, etc. is just part of our job description and why people hire an interior designer. Oddly enough it seems to be a challenge sometimes when working on our own personal spaces. It’s not that we don’t know all of a sudden what looks good, what goes together or what we want.

Personally I see so many different great styles and design options at furniture, lighting and gift markets that it’s hard to settle on just one look. This has somewhat been the problem with my personal home. My house is almost 100 years old, and when I moved in, it was definitely in need of a lot of attention and remodeling in order to bring it into the next century. It has been a little bit of a money pit however it is worth all the effort and every dollar spent. The master bathroom is already done and currently, I am remodeling the kitchen. I will soon post pictures of this project when it is further along.