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Today was a fun day with a new client of mine who hired me for my interior design services to help with the selection of finishes for their new home. This is new construction and therefore right down my alley! I love assisting clients with picking the perfect style, look, finishes and bringing it all together from flooring to ceiling and anything in between. After a couple of other meetings this day was dedicated to hopefully making decisions on cabinet colors and styles for the master bathroom, mud room, laundry room, upstairs bathrooms as well as the lower level kitchen. In our previous meeting we already selected the style and color for the kitchen so we didn’t have to make anymore decisions on this today. My client Heather has fabulous taste and knows what she likes and what she does not like – so when we find the perfect look it’s easy for us to agree on it and move on to the next room. For the main kitchen, we decided on an off white with accents of gray with a glaze. The laundry room is a combination of an antiqued sage green and a “buttery” off-white. The mud room will be distressed black and for upstairs bathrooms we chose a white with a pewter glaze. The “basement” kitchen (and the entire lowest level ) will have a barn/farm feeling and this is where our cabinetry will be a combination of black and hints of accent reds. I am excited and looking forward to making our next selections with will entail lighting, flooring, countertops, wall colors, exterior and interior finishes as well as furniture, rugs and custom draperies – all in order to make this one beautiful, harmonious home and spectacular showplace.