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As a business owner, I know and understand the importance of creating a certain image with your company. You get one shot at making a first impression, and this will determine if clients will come back to do business with you or not.  During the last 15 years of designing and decorating residential and commercial spaces in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, my interior design firm has mainly been focusing on the interiors of private residences; however, in the last few years, we have increasingly been helping other businesses with their interior design and their look. I am a firm believer that the interior of someone’s business (just like the interior design and style of our  own home) is a direct refelction of their work, passion for their profession, and customer service, and without a doubt, a friendly, chic, and updated atmosphere helps increase someone’s business and traffic. Our job at Wolfgang Interiors & Gifts is to help transform workplaces into an interior environment that reflects their services and to make a statement for their business. If this is successfully achieved, then our goal as interior designers and interior decorators is accomplished.