4 Musts of Bedding Decoration

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Bedrooms are interesting places to decorate because they are so personalized and yet are often going after the same goal: a comfortable place to wind down and rest. One of the best ways to meet the utilitarian needs of sleep and rest while also giving your bedroom style, pizazz and personality is by playing with custom bedding. Here at Wolfgang Interiors- Furniture, Draperies & Design, we enjoy helping clients feel relaxed and comfortable in their own personal spaces with bedding, so we have come up with a few “musts” if you are thinking of re-doing your own bedroom.

4 Musts of Bedding Decoration

1.  Don’t skimp on quality. Bedding is so important to sleep quality that this is a place you should seriously consider splurging- especially if your job is stressful or you don’t sleep well. Get quality sheets and even consider custom bedding to get the quality and materials that will last.

2.  Biggest to smallest, back to front. Decorative pillows can be a hotly debated topic, but whether you want two or twenty of them, use the old designer’s rule of your pillows going from largest to smallest, back to front on the bed. This will help you create an eye-pleasing design.

3.  Enjoy variations of texture, pattern and size. Create visual interest in your bedroom by mixing up patterns, textures and sizes of bedding and pillows. Just be sure that you do so with the help of a designer in order to avoid visual overstimulation.

4.  Get a headboard. A bed without a headboard will almost always look unfinished and immature. Find a headboard that suits your style, and your bed will instantly look more dressed up.

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