Custom Draperies, Knoxville, TN

Our custom draperies give you the size, style and material that you want in exacting measurements for your space.

There are some elements to interior design that you know are important, and yet they can feel so complex that you aren’t sure where to start! Draperies are just one of these elements of design. Not only do you need your draperies to serve a functional purpose of blocking out sunlight or providing privacy, but you also want them to be the right height, width, and material for your space. Here at Wolfgang Interiors – Furniture, Draperies & Design, we want to make sure that you get the exact draperies that you need without feeling the need to compromise.

Custom Draperies in Knoxville, Tennessee

In the Knoxville, Tennessee area, we understand that there are many places where you can purchase draperies, but none are quite like the advantages that you’ll gain from choosing custom draperies from Wolfgang Interiors. When you choose custom draperies from Wolfgang Interiors, you are able to get the comfort of knowing that your draperies are going to fit perfectly the first time!

When you have our professionals take care of your custom draperies, we are able to find quality materials in virtually endless colors, thicknesses and designs and create draperies that will fit perfectly in your space. Because we make all your custom draperies in-house, we are able to keep our costs reasonable while delivering professionally-made, quality custom draperies.

Whether you have an odd-size window or need help addressing the design concerns that draperies would add to your space, we can help you here at Wolfgang Interiors with custom draperies.