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Here is a picture of a client’s dining room who purchased our Noir dining room set and finished it off with a vinyl rug. Our vinyl rugs are a fabulous and less expensive option for areas with either high traffic, sun exposure, young children, dogs, etc…

We use them in all sorts of design scenarios, they are scratch resistant, washable, partially UV resistant and for indoor and outdoor areas and especially suitable for screened-in porches or sunrooms.

I personally have two vinyl rugs in our kitchen. One is in front of the sink because of water spills, another larger one is in front of our cooktop. Besides the fact that they are decorative and everybody loves them, they also keep the cold tile floor warm in winter and the dogs enjoy sleeping on them. A thin patting underneath it makes them even softer and easier to stand on for long periods while cooking or doing dishes.

They are great for lots of different design projects and hundreds of different pattern and color combinations make it easy to find the perfect fit for every home design.