Check Out One of Our Recent Home Remodeling Projects

HomeBlogCheck Out One of Our Recent Home Remodeling Projects

Home remodeling is an ideal time to revamp your home and implement more modern designs that align with your personal tastes. Recently, we worked on a home remodeling project that was a complete overhaul – we developed a design plan that involved drastically changing the interior, so it went from a traditional home to a home with a more modern, clean look.

Check Out One of Our Recent Home Remodeling Projects

During this home remodeling project, we used a decent amount of lighting from Visual Comfort, which is one of the lines we carry at our store. Many of these lighting pieces, especially in the kitchen, became decorative elements that not only added illumination, but visual appeal.

The lines and color scheme used throughout this project are incredibly modern and sleek (as you can see from the photos), and we believe this illustrates our flexible design skills. If you have us help with your home remodeling project, we can blend traditional and modern pieces for a more classic look, stick with more traditional elements, or go with all contemporary finishes, like we did with this house.

Working with our design team to remodel your home can help you create a cohesive interior that reflects what you had in mind when you started thinking about updating your home. If you want to get started on your own project, please contact us to discuss what you picture for your home!